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Mercury delivers twelve services to our clients. Four of these attract fees. Two of these (Airport Pickup & Excursions) are optional. Course tuition fees of course are not. Those on a student visa are obliged to pay for their health insurance.

1. Courses




General English 059870M 4-48 weeks Certificate III in Business 083489E 23-26 weeks
IELTS 059871K 12 weeks Certificate IV in Business 083490A 36-39 weeks
EAP 062952E 12 weeks Diploma of Management 067413C 36-39 weeks

All courses are delivered on campus face-to-face at ANZAC House, 245 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. See the current timetables and course delivery schedule for our Courses.

From time to time we also do Study Tours. These are for people who want to learn some English and see the sights of Sydney.

2. Pathways

Students who successfully complete Mercury’s EAP course, and VET courses gain entry to higher AQF level courses provided by other education institutions. Students who successfully complete Mercury’s VET courses in business or management may articulate into the first or second year of a discipline related Southern Cross University Associate or Bachelor Degree with maximum credit for prior learning.

3. Counselling

Our staff provide full academic and initial personal counselling.

Teachers and the Academic Manager provide academic counselling.

The Student Services Officer and the Marketing Managers are usually the first point of contact for business or personal issues.

Another source of counselling is provided by Mercury’s education agents. See the website for a current list of authorized representatives.

For personal problems, where more professional counselling is required, the College website has contacts for a range of advisory services.

The Student Welfare Counsellor is available on campus from 9:30am to 4:30pm Tuesdays. The Counsellor handles deferments, leave of absence, attendance appeals and ITRs (an Intention to Report notifies students by email that the College intends to report them to Immigration for non-compliant attendance).

The Counsellor can be contacted by email:

4. Interpreters

There are a number of languages spoken by Mercury staff. See Pre-Enrolment Information for a list of languages.

There are government sponsored interpreting services found at:

5. Internet Access

The college provides free wifi and use of a limited number of computers. The password for Level 1 is a1b1c3d4e5 and Level 2 is lydspittst07.

6. Textbooks

The college provides students with class sets of textbooks. Students are encouraged to purchase their own textbook at a discount price. See a Student Services Officer for current information.

The current ELICOS textbook for General English is the Speak Out series.

The current suite of VET textbooks is derived from IBSA. However they are under constant review to make them or their derivatives comply with the four principles of assessment:

  • Fairness – ensuring “any required adjustments are made to the training and assessment program to all learners” by considering “the learner’s needs in the assessment process” and making “reasonable adjustments to accommodate the learner (such as providing oral rather than written assessment)” without compromising the rigour of the assessment process
  • Flexibility – using a range of assessment methods
  • Validity – requiring learners to demonstrate their skills and knowledge across a range of environments and contexts and
  • Reliability – by making assessment decisions consistently across different learners

7. Events

The college provides regular excursions, field trips and social events. See General English for a list of events in the Excursion Timetable.

Events have three aims:

  • To take students out of the classroom context and learning to learn outside of a computer screen, a book or classroom whiteboard. This gives you life skills, a chance to exploit a different learning style and bring variety and enjoyment in the learning process.
  • To encourage social networking; a requirement for VET students and a vital tool for ELICOS students in improving their English.
  • To introduce students to the delights and attractions in Sydney.

8. Employment

From time to time the college is able to assist students in finding employment. The Student Services Officer, the Student Noticeboard, and other advertisements identify job vacancies.

Employment opportunities can also be identified through orientation and exit interviews with students.

Mercury staff will assist you with getting Work Permission and a Tax File Number.

9. Health Insurance

Health insurance is a student visa requirement. The College arranges Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for overseas students with AHM. For fees, see our Price List.

10. Airport Pickup

The College can arrange Airport Pickup.

11. Accommodation

See our Accommodation Options for details.

12. Documentation

The Student Services Officers will give you a Mercury Student I.D. card. They will give you all the

  • forms you need,
  • letters for banks, landlords and other colleges
  • your graduation certificates