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Start dates for English are Mondays except public holidays.

For course start dates for Business see our Academic Calendar.

If you need to change your start date and defer it, email our Admissions Officer:

On your first day, go to Reception on Level 1 and give the Student Services Officer (SSO) your:

  • passport
  • address in Australia
  • OSHC proof (if you did not ask us to get your health insurance for you)
  • proof of English if you are starting a Business course

At Reception, the SSO will give you a:

  • New Student Arrival (NSA) form – please have your Sydney address with you
  • timetable and important information in our Welcome leaflet
  • payment schedule if you are paying in instalments

The SSO will then take you to Level 2 to complete your NSA form and be tested for your English.

Here you will meet the Academic Manager. The Academic Manager will interview you. One of the questions you will be asked is whether you have any special needs. Special needs are things that can stop you from learning. For example, bad hearing, poor eyesight, severe allergies, a stammer and so on. Or it can be things you need such as wheelchair access. If you have a medical condition, such as epilepsy, please tell the Academic Manager so that arrangements can be made to make your time with us safe and comfortable.

You will also be asked for the contact details of a friend in Sydney whom we can contact if you have to go to hospital or have some other emergency.

The Academic Manager will then introduce you to your teacher and your teacher will introduce you to the other students in your class.

You tour the campus in this process.

For more information, please read the other pages in our website.