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Office365 Login


Access to your school email and online classes (Teams).

Moodle Login


To view your online resources and to do your quiz and assessment.

Early Leave From Studies Form

Early Leave From Studies Form

You need to use your school email to verify your identity before filling up this form.

Office365/School email/Teams login information:

  • Username: Your full school email address.
  • Click the button at the top to login.

Elearning System(Moodle) Login information:

  • Username: Last 4 letters of your Student ID.
  • Password: To change your password in before your first login.
  • Moodle password reset page
  • Click the button at the top to login.

Early Leave From Studies Form:

  • Please scan above QR code to use Early Leave From Studies Form.
  • Or you can use the below link to use Form from