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This section will hopefully answer some of your questions. If you still need more information, please contact the appropriate department.

1. If I wish to find out if my student has paid their next installment who do I contact?

Contact Accounts Receivables at
State the following information:

  • Student’s Name
  • Which college enrolled
  • What they are study (Course Name)

We will reply back to you in a few days.

2. If I wish to advertise in newspapers with your logos do I need approval?

Yes, we must see copy of your advertisement. Email it to

3. If I wish to do radio, TV, billboard advertising in my country can I call for support?

Yes of course, as long as there is a commitment from the agent to deliver the required students.

4. As an agent what do I need to explain to students?

You need to make sure that:

  • The students read and understand the student handbook and pre-enrollment information.
  • The students understand the enrollment process, sign the application form and acknowledge the enrollment agreement.
  • You explain course requirements, course outcomes, course description, course outline, course prerequisites, including minimum English proficiency for VET enrollments
  • Students understand their payment schedule of fees & pay on the due dates
  • You clearly explain when the course starts, what time students need to attend orientation, and the College’s deferral policy.
  • You clearly explain visa conditions and the student’s obligations.

5. If I run out all brochures and need some more what do I do?

Email requesting brochures. Please remember to give your full postal address details.

6. If I wish to become a registered agent what shall I do?

Download “Agent Representative Form”, fill it in, scan it and email it to

7. How long after I have signed the agreement will I get my copy of the agreement, certificate of authority and brochures to promote?

About 2 weeks

8. If I wish to arrange a student seminar in my office can I call for support, brochures etc.?

Yes, please contact your designated marketing manager or email

9. If I wish to print your brochures in my country using your artwork what shall I do?

Email to request the artwork and other relevant details.

10. If I would like to place a large standup banner in my office of your company will you provide one or shall I print it?

Email to request the banner.